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Gobsy's 250N


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6 months/ 26 weeks/ 185 days/ 4440 hours, that's how long I've had my I30N 250.

Some other fun numbers:
  • 3000 miles/ 4828 km - Or the equivalent of driving from Bristol to the capital city of Chad, N'Djamena.
  • 70 hours driving time - Averaging 42 mph
  • 28.5 mpg/ 9.9L per 100km - for about 8 full tanks of fuel or £540 (ish)
  • 1 Screw - Located in my tire after less than a week of owning the car
What can I tell you about this car, it's equally as fun as the N performance that I took for a test drive, but a bit less expensive (not that the Performance is expensive). The 250N is more than capable of still showing up some of the other performance hot hatchbacks and bigger, whether on country roads, messing around on the motorway or a cheeky overtake after a roundabout/ motorway slip road.

The ride is a bit softer than the Performance thanks to 18" wheels although N mode on British roads still shakes your bones, turning circle is still terrible but easy to live with once you know your limitations. Turns out it's easier to just not park in tight bays or to swing around past my house and reverse in from the other side.

Power wise, the 250 feels just like the Performance and really shifts when you need it to. The 250 shares all the driving modes with the Performance and even suffering from the same general poor drivability that the N mode has in the UK unless on a track, or the very rare smooth tarmac. Also capable of averaging 28.5mpg.

Interior is very nice, with the manual seats as opposed to the suede/ leather seats (no real signs of wear or creasing as of yet). No electric seats or heated steering wheel, which I do miss from my last car but duel climate control and a decent infotainment system more than make up for it.

The car sounds great in all modes of driving and the exhaust pops & bangs in N or Custom mode once you get the revs up to 5k, driving in standard mode seems to shut one exhaust pipe off judging from the level of dirt that accumulates on one but not the other.

There are some things I don't like; the wheel styling isn't the best but those are getting sprayed black shortly, the Hyundai wording needs to be removed from the back still and the front bumper seems to enjoy scraping on everything it can.

TL: DR. Its a good car, maybe not the same beast as the Performance on a track but I'd venture it's more of a road car than the performance.

Picks for attention
received_338669286952137.jpeg received_372218916848265.jpeg IMG_20180714_114043_768.jpg received_269429213925234.jpeg
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Nice read.
We don't get the 250 down under here is AUS but it is still good to know about your car and your experience with it. As you say it is not so very different. :cool:
I think Australia would have had a problem slotting it between the SR and the Performance Pack from a pricing viewpoint here. Sales volumes would have had to been a factor too as we are a relatively small market for this type of vehicle.
I am so happy you are enjoying the car. This after all is what it is all about for most. :):D:cool:


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Nice post, thanks @Mr.Gobsy. I've been curious about the 250 as, being a bit of a tight-arse, most likely would have bought one instead of the Performance if it was available here.
I share your distaste (albeit slight in my case) with the rim styling and would prefer all black. We don't get the Hyundai badge on the back, but losing the i30 in front of the N is on the cards. Keep enjoying her.


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So I've made some additions since my original post, a Viofo A119 dashcam and some red side skirt inserts.

The dashcam has already been covered in detail on another thread so I'll leave that, but the inserts have not.

They're super easy to install, just clean the surface, measure up, apply a primer and then stick to surface.

Cleaning wipe and primer stick, two of each provided. received_544866486024670.jpeg

Instructions, there is also a "How to" video on the N Sport facebook page

Aaaaaand the finished result

Total price was £135ish (collected from dealership) and the installation time was about 15minutes.