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Fun with lights. North American Elantra GT conversion


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Feb 22, 2021
Conceicao, Portugal
Hi everyone,
I need some help. I brought my Elantra GT over to Portugal from Canada. It's older (2013) but low miles on a newer engine (thank you Hyundai). I am told that this model is called an i30 in Europe.

I am taking it through the Portuguese matriculation process now and have found headlights (BTW Hyundai wanted €600 for each headlight) that will fit. The problem is that I also have to fit a fog light to the rear. The after market part dealer is showing a different fog light assembly than that quoted to me by Hyundai.

Can anyone tell me where the fog lamp actually is? Is it wired into the tail light assembly or is it in the small bay at the bottom of the car body, on the skirt where bumpers used to be in the old days? If in the tail light, is it on the door or on the body?

Here's a picture of my car being unloaded on arrival in Portugal. You can see the little bay where I think it might go just rear of the back tire. I just have reflectors there. Obviously, the other side of the car, but you get the idea...

Thanks so much!



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Jun 30, 2018
Germany · Schleswig-Holstein
Tbh I'm afraid this is the wrong forum to ask about that car.
The members here mostly drive the successor and its N variant of that one in particular.
Maybe you are lucky and someone can help you, but I doubt it.
I'd recommend trying a forum tailored towards that version of the elantra/i30.
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