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Front and rear black ‘H’ badge!


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I haven’t been able to find anything similar in Australia and was wondering if anyone here has.



It’s kind of like a thin cover that you can stick on top of the chrome badge and I’ve been searching everywhere for it! Worst case I might have to plastidip it :(
It's a german seller from bavaria.. The only one who makes them..


These arent for sale? Look like they are out of stock? Anyone know anywhere else to get them? I need a set!


He ships to Aus. I have them on my N. You just need to wait until he has more available. I waited for a month.


I bought a second badge and sprayed it black. Now I have realised that replacing the badge requires removing the front bumper so I either need to set a few hours aside on a weekend or pay a panel beater to do it for me. You could mask it up and spray it on the car but I would not recommend it.




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I installed the black cover badges both front and rear. I have the Phantom Black car. Looks very good! :cool::cool::cool:. Looks factory installed. Highly recommended

Don’t have any pics yet. See if I can get some this weekend, but car is so dirty :(


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Here is some pics of my Phantom Black car with black badges.
I have also blackened the red stripes and removed "Hyundai" and "I30" on the rear.
Have black background behind the flag on the license plate.
Rolling on dark grey 19 inch AEZ winter rims.

I think the black badges realy fits a black colored car.


i30n #2.jpg


You can buy the black covers in Australia from here, though they are a bit pricey...

I saw this link in another thread and still deciding whether to get them or not.
Can vouch for Ngarage.

One of my badge overlays wasn't quite right, it was like it was partially shrunked, and some chrome was still visible.

Exchanged it free of charge, no questions asked.

May be pricier, but service is impeccable!!

Communication was also spot on!


Yesterday N Garage was 'Out of Stock' of i30 N black covers.

Today they were back so I've ordered a pair. Figured I needed something to take my mind off the minor kerb rash suffered yesterday.