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Forum search and how to find what you're looking for


Staff member
Dec 17, 2018
Innsbruck, Austria
Since many of us know that the forum's integrated search often doesn't find what we're looking for I decided to share how I usually manage find those threads.

First off, the forum's search function has a few different ways to find things:
Search everything, search threads, search profile posts and search tags.

The seach everything function is the default which is basically the search bar. It can be narrowed down a bit by limiting to "titles only" and "by member" but all in all not great.
Then the search threads function can also be limited to "tiles only" and posted "by member", but also allows to only search by certain prefixes and sub-forums. Most useful functions here are the "display results as threads" and which forums to search in.
Search profile posts does exactly what it says. It can be limited to posts by certain members and on a certain member's profile with a "newer than" option.
And last but not least, the search tags function which would probably be the most useful - if it wasn't for the missing tags on almost all smaller threads.

My personal favorite of those is the search threads function with the "display results as threads" option checked, makes it easier to find the thread I'm looking for. It's good but far from perfect as this also often doesn't find what I'm looking for.

Now, the easiest and probably best way to search on this site is to go to your favorite search engine (mine's DuckDuckGo) and enter this before your search keywords: site:n-cars.net - this tells the search engine that you only want to search on the specified site. In most cases, the exact thread you couldn't find is in the top 5 results. Saves a lot of time and makes it easy to prevent duplicate threads.

But please keep in mind when making a new thread: TAG YOUR THREAD CORRECTLY!