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First time at Nordschleife with my i30 N


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So, last week I was at The Ring with my N and a couple of my friends in different cars. I thought I'd share my experience.
To start with, my car is 100% stock, I only lowered the tire pressures for laps.
It was meant to be a 3 day experience, but when we arrived at Sunday evening, the track was already closed (i don't remember the reason).
Monday wasn't much better because it was raining, so actually my first ever lap was mostly in the wet. I was scared to explore the limits in the wet and did only one lap.

Thankfully tuesday was sunny and I could finally check my bravery :) I did a total of four laps (with breaks between them), and did my best time at 3rd. It was 9.09 btg with some traffic and a mistake costing me maybe 15 seconds in total. Not that impressive, but I was definitely being catious as I couldn't afford an accident ;) Especially the high speed stuff was making me nervous and my foot went off the throttle. The slow/mid stuff was pretty ok I think, for the first visit at least.

Oh, and the car did great, it's balance was lovely, never seemed like it's understerry pig or something, really fun and rewarding to drive.

Oh, on the 4th lap I misjudged the fuel I had, the engine started cutting of at first Karussel, so I backed off and went to the station. I put in 49,5 litres of fuel, must be a record :)

Also, a lot of N's was around, on the car parks near the entrance I always had 2 or 3 in sight, really popular car.

So yeah, it was a great experience and I recommend it to try to everyone who has a chance. Oh and some public roads around the track are awesome :D
Next year I'll try to go back there and try not to ease off the throttle that much.
Hello @ ThuGG I was last week with another friend from Spain.

The experience is amazing, It shows the atmosphere the passion for each person's, it's amazing I loved it and I know that next year we will return there because the whole trip had a smile and I do not have enough words to describe the moments lived

We went from Monday to Friday, Monday I went around and we moved a bit the back to the youtube curve but I put it right in luck, the other days we ran 2 laps and each lap improved my time and I am very happy about my time Next year, it will be more exciting and wanting to get more time off


Hi, I must have seen your car then, I especially remember the white one from the car park :)

This was my crew:
Yes, He spent every afternoon at the parking lot, I and my friend were on the track, and do not remember my car for the sound

Pd: i remeber some of them jajajaja