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First Ever TrackDay


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Sep 3, 2020
My first Track Day 😊

So apart from having spent all my life, lusting for na experience like this, I have always shone away from it, terrified of something going wrong (even though I’ve had a track day car for 6 years [Group N 106 Rallye] and just banged around through mountain regions rather than tracking the actual thing) so I had never actually been on a track day.

As expected I had sh*t 3 hours of sleep whilst playing out all the dramas that could occur the morning after, had some breakie, checked tyre pressures were all equal and off I went to the local circuit Vasco Sameiro in Braga, Portugal.

Here we have around 3 or 4 different organizers for TD’s and I had to start off with the least organized. Getting in, was a bitch (there were still people filling out registration forms on the cue into the track, while others were changing wheels in the cue) but eventually I was parked, waiting to line up.

I slot the car into N mode, and then, with the car stationary, idling, the thing starts shaking as if I had a cage full of bunnies getting their freak on in the back. Scared as fook, got my helmet off, to try to hear any wierd noises, turned it off and on, and all was good. Any clues on this?? 🤷‍♂️

Two laps into the first outing and my tyre pressure up front was at 3,1 Bar and I could feel the tyres slightly baloony, so I stopped to see if I could get a pressure gauge from someone and lower those airships grabbing onto my wheels.

On the second outing I started to feel the brake pedal much mushier than usual, not going down, not exactly feeling the heat from the rotors, just, a worse pedal feel, and two days later I still have that, so I imagine I boiled the stock fluid and have to change to something sexier.

Conclusion: Loved it! Probably not the best idea to start off with a 300bhp car on a first track day, but everything went well, as I kept ECS in sport mode and definitely leaned on its safety net quite a few times to find the limits. I might invest on a few cooling mods, just to make sure the car holds well with the next TDs I’m getting myself into.

Mods for next track day ~November:

Pressue gauge: BOUGHT

New brake fluid: Can this be installed the usual way, or are there any new valves which may require this to be done at a dealer?

Remove rear seats and spare wheel (didn’t remove this time for a rough idea of how this can affect lap time)



Mar 12, 2019
Congrats! Hopefully you're (safely) bitten by the track bug. I think these are great cars to learn track driving and encourage everyone to try it. It's what they're designed for!

I find the car doesn't really have any dangerous or scary tendencies on track except for a little lift off oversteer in medium to high speed, longish corners. With the E-LSD, ECS, ESC, rev match function, and reasonably strong brakes (for a factory car) the car is really configurable to your skill level and can introduce you to tracking very gradually.

Once in a while my car runs a tiny bit rough too but it always goes away. When it happens to me, it's usually when I leave the car to sit running after a session on track.

Brake fluid can be flushed in the normal way by DIY, yes. I've done the two person method a few times, but I now use a Motive Power Bleeder, it makes the whole ordeal a lot faster and you don't have to bother anyone. As usual, don't let the fluid get below the MIN line (see pic below) so that you don't suck an air bubble into the ABS pump.

The service manual bleeding procedure is a little odd in that it recommends bleeding the FL wheel second instead of last (see pic below). I've done both the service manual way and the conventional method of furthest to closest to the reservoir without issue. I've been using a 600deg F fluid and its been holding up. Next weakest link is the pad though, I've faded the pad a couple times on a local track known for being hard on brakes (Toronto Motorsports Park).

Not sure about the i30N, but on the VN, the entire foam insert under the trunk floor comes out with everything in it. Nice and convenient. I've never removed the rear seats (costs me points in my time attack series) but I do lay them flat for the CG benefit ;)

When you say leaning on the safety net of ECS in sport mode, you mean the stability control correct (I think its actually the ESC)? I don't recommend you turn ESC off until you're comfortable doing so, but I have noticed when using ESC Sport on track that the car is less stable in hard braking than with ESC off. I believe this is due to the Braking Priority system (that is disabled when ESC is off) actively distributing brake pressure across the car. Braking Priority is great for safety on the road but I found it annoying in hard braking on track.

I'm in a Veloster N, but in principle all this discussion should apply. From the VN service manual:


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Sep 3, 2020
AWESOME advice, thanks RameusJH!

Yes I did mean ESC sorry :x I'm very curious to feel what the car is like without it, but maybe on my second or third TD once I get a feel for its high speed lift off rotation.

Interesting that you also have experienced this shaking or juddering while idling, forgot to mention I'm running a Race Chip GTS Black on map 5, might have something to do with it 🤷‍♂️

Bought Motul RBF 600 to swap out as I still (obviously) have a mushy pedal and curiously still have a low pressure warning on the driver side front wheel 🧙‍♂️

Gonna check out today how I can TD spec the rear and how much everything weighs ;)

R Veloster N

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Mar 5, 2019
Rocky Mountains, US
With OEM brake lines it will continue to feel mushy. Change the brake lines to braided units. The smaller diameter does not expand when heated and sheds heat much quick then OEM lines. They will also help to maintain a more reliable pedal pressure. :)