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Fastback N pictures

Added 2 more pictures at the bottom of my post :D

EDIT: Also, reveal seems to be around the 15th of Jan, and I'll probably get the hands on mine on the 17th.
Hello Everyone!

I'm new in this forum and I want to order a new Fastback N.
I saw a shadow gray model today, and I try to find an engine red photo.
Do you have a picture for this colour?

I cannot decide which one is better...
What do you think?

Pick my fastback up from Northwich Hyundai UK on the 1st of March, mines yet to be delivered, here's the one we looked at . . .
20190210_131628-3024x1470.jpg 20190210_131640-3024x1470.jpg 20190210_131651-3024x1470.jpg 20190210_132341-3024x1470.jpg
The choice for me was between engine red and shadow grey, I finally went for the shadow grey as it's just for the fastback model and as stated before the red accents looks better balanced, I think the car has road presence.