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Emotion reviews


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Aug 12, 2018

Work was f#$*ed today; dealing with broken systems and broken people, and processing the aftermath of violence, death and destruction. Down south, Australia is literally on fire. On the other side of the world Donald Trump still draws breath. Serious lack of good news. So when I got home I turned my phone off, said "screw you" to the household chores, went out the back with a bottle of wine and got on the forum. For two and a half hours straight and with no distraction - what a luxury.

Read lots. Learnt heaps. Caught up. Had some laughs. Basically fell down an 'N hole' for a bit. This forum is the first (and only) social media in which I have participated. It has been a very pleasant experience. The tone of posts from the vast majority of members is measured, warm, helpful and humorous. There is rarely nastiness or smart-arsery. The moderators do a fine job of quelling any flare-ups.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I love hanging out here when I can. I have a new hobby that can take me away from the 'bump and grind' - both on the road and off it. I hope most of you feel the same way. If I sound like a sentimental old w*nker I do not apologise. Good night, stay safe, be good. Rage against the machine even if you happen to be a part of it like me.
Geez dude lighten up, your worried about a president that’s in another country and has nothing to do with you and fires that are in different states to where you are, and no down south is not literally on fire, massive over reaction with that one, the only thing I’d be worried about where you are is going for a swim lol..
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May 24, 2018
Adelaide Australia
I think @GazmaN had just had enough that day. The world does seem to be an awful place sometimes especially the older we get.
@GazmaN was just expressing I believe how this forum is for him and many others it would seem. A place we can retreat into for 5 minutes or 5 hours and enjoy a common interest in these cars and forget the day we may have had or the people we have had to deal with.
I am sure he will bounce back and lighten up as you say. :cool::)


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Oct 28, 2018
Darwin, Australia
Yeah, pretty much what @Stash-N said, had just had a gutfull. You know those days that start off bad and just seem to get worse despite your best efforts to the contrary? Thanks for your concern @R Veloster N - but all good, brother. There was plenty of reflection the following day, and in hindsight it was one hell of an adrenaline rush. Far from boring. But the forum was a much needed escape.

@Cavaco90 put it best - there some great and talented people on here that are beyond generous with their time and very selfless when it comes to helping others - that is the forum's greatest asset. Anyway, time to lager up and jump in the pool (you're right @N-Raged ;)).
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