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Electronic Sound Generator

I don't have it, but it's also hard to film it. It's a 10 minute job, do it and if you'll like it leave it, otherwise do reverse one more time. I can't imagine you could hear this on video.
I disconnected the speaker tonight. I did not remove wipers, but lifted the middle and squeezed my hand in to disconnect the connector. Very easy and low risk job, if your hands are not to big/thick. Mine are «L» sized and slim. Wear gloves in size large.
Could squeeze both hands in to work with connector.

The sound is no different to my ears in Normal mode, but in N mode it is a little more quiet in the cabin, but not alot. Still it sounds naughty in N mode and you hear the exhaust well. All the pops, bangs and burble sounds are same as before (as you would expect :)).

I actually like the sound better this way and will keep the speaker disconnected.