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Brakes Dull scraping noise from brakes during break in period

Since the delivery of a car I made 450km. From the very beginning I can hear this noise coming from brakes like they are rusted. Ofc I checked for rust and it is not there. The noise is most prevalent at the speeds <10km. I believe it is still there at higher speed but just overpowered by other noises.

Is this normal? I've never had a performance car with such brakes. Are they supposed to be that noisy at super low speeds or is it a break-in period nuisance that should go away?

Or maybe my dealer should check it out?
I have this I think it's just cold brakes as it dissapates after a few miles..

Think your self luck my type r brakes used to squeal how embarrassing pulling up at lights in brand new car ha. But it was common and honda said it was normal.
In my case it does not disappear. I’m not braking hard my any means but even with regular driving discs can be hot to touch
I haven't noticed this on my i30N, but on my other car, a Lotus Elise, I get a similar scraping sound from the brakes. It only happens at very slow speeds, and it so faint, I barely hear it. The Lotus dealer checked out the brakes and found nothing wrong. They said this is quite normal for the brake pads on the car.

Just to be on the safe side, mention it to the dealer, and get them to check out the brakes.
I have an appointment with the dealer in 2 days. Better safe then sorry.
I have a 25 yo Bmw 3 series which I wanted to maintain in best condition but brakes are nightmare. Now I’m really sensitive on this topic.
I have enough of shaky steering wheel, shaky body, pulling to one side or calipers being stuck and overheating my brand new brakes TWICE
Can I ask you if I purchased new rotors would it be advisable to use the same half worn brake pads or should new brake pads be installed with new rotors. Any advice would be most welcome.
Why? General rule of thumb is to use two sets of pads for one set of rotors. At least in regular brakes.

Today I visited my dealer and master mechanic told me that I'm to gently with my brakes and they still needs some bedding/breaking in. I can still see factory "scratches" on half of rear rotors.

I think those performance brakes needs break in period followed by bedding procedure. I will do it this weekend by doing a couple of 140-->10km/h brakings in a row.
Suppose this is another dumb question but I have to ask what are all your thoughts on replacing the rotors with new vented ones I was thinking of either Tarox or Kinetix. Now the question not what set of rotors I should buy but rather would you say it would be best to wait until the current discs need replacing or should I do this upgrade now to look good with the new Montec ultra-light.

Is it wasteful to throw discs out with only 19K miles on them as I am sure they will be good for another 15K miles or so.

My better self is telling me to wait no sense in throwing money away for the sake of fitting new discs.

Would you agree that would be the wise decision considering this stuff costs an absolute fortune.

tarox.JPG kinetix.JPG
@Who! Me. Of course its pointless to swap rotors if all you want is looks. BUT I think you can unfit your half used rotors and pads, cover rotors with some brake friendly anticorrosion stuff and just put in on the shelf. If you will mark which rotor went with which pair of pads, you can always just fit them back in. :)

IMHO If you are bother with price than you are not ready to change rotors just of spite. Although the sticker might be worth it ;)
It’s not the price that is stopping me it is just the wastage of pulling perfectly good discs already installed out of the vehicle and my thinking is wait until the car actually needs new rotors as you said yourself to change just for looks is madness and so it is.
I will maybe buy those new rotors anyway and just keep then in the back room until my current rotors have worn down. Then I have them when I need them. I dont think they come with a sticker it is more advertisign for the N performance Hyuandi. I would buy the tarox if I am being honest.
Then just mark which pair of pads ghoes with which rotors and you can swap them as much as you want.
If you think you will never get back to OEM brakes then it's just a matter of money. If you can afford new rotors, go for it. You've done plenty of km already. At least they are not completely new :)


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Why? General rule of thumb is to use two sets of pads for one set of rotors. At least in regular brakes.
I didn´t wrote that if brake pads must be replaced, you must replace also rotors. I wrote that if you will replace rotors (sometimes 2nd or 3rd set of pads are not so bad condition that must be replaced), new set of brake pads are must be.