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Doug DeMuro's Review

Cygnus X-1

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DeMuro is a non-enthusiast. He was more interested in how the body contruction is mirrored in different countries and how the wiper function appeared in the center screen. Great.

No attention paid to the customization of performance and handling capabilities at all, nor much else performance-related that makes it attractive to its target audience.

This is an everyman review for non-enthusiasts.


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@Cygnus X-1 you're absolutely right. But this is one of the reasons I watch his videos, what you mentioned, every single other reviewer already mentioned at least a dozen times. :)


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The most annoying reviewer ever, and he goes on about pointless things rather than performance and handling.

With all the cool cars he has tested, he bought a GT40 for himself. It broke down week 1, after the old owner told him"ït had NEVER broken down before!"

Moron, non car guy with annoying voice, and gullible AF. Need I say more...


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Really hate the look of the last half of the body. From the side,the design looks really odd and out of place.
Us hatch owners are such biatches, but I have to agree, the back end is ugly, no doubt the back seat room is really compromised compared to the hatch, and someone in Hyundai went overboard with the black paint on the back and red stripes everywhere...