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Dash cam wiring


New Member
Jun 30, 2020
Hi All,

I30 N-Line 2019 hatchback
I appreciate this post is a bit vague and not exactly a i30 issue. I bought my car from Available car who fitted a silent witness dashcam. Camera is now 8 months old and no longer boots off the wiring they neatly fitted behind trims etc. Micro usb at windscreen end doesn't power a phone either. Camera works fine when powering from another usb source. It started playing up then was ok for a couple of weeks then gone faulty again so maybe a crappy connection.
When it did work 1 press of keyless start button got it going (i.e. clutch down and engine running or no clutch and just start some electrics)
So my questions are really where would be the most likely place they have picked up supply. Camera came with a cigarette lighter style plug so would this have been chopped off or would they have used a power socket. I guess to keep the 12v to 5v thay must have used an adaptor. Would it be best to remove the glove box and see if i can spot cable, if so is there a method to remove this.

Again sorry for asking a question that only the fitter would know, just hoping one of you has experience that might help.Available cannot look at it due to distancing rules at present.