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Dan_bush27 Performance blue thread


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Now the car is finished (for now) I’ve been really enjoying it, I had an awesome little play with a golf r which nothing was in it in a rolling power run!
The car now handles UNBELIEVABLY with the Whiteline arb’s. Honestly, you think the car from factory is impressive, the lateral grip now is just crazy!
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That dash is exactly what I want to do with mine. Been toying with a vinyl wrap but would prefer alcantara, where did you get the material please? Edit: You just posted as I asked lol. Link please?

Also, did you continue it across to the small switch panel on the other side of the steering wheel?
I just did the same on my car last weekend, absolutely love that microfibre/alcantara stuff! Mine is from amazon as well and the color does match good enough with the rest of the interior.
@loafer-N77 : i actually started by wrapping that small part on the driver side just to test it and waste less time and material in case i wouldnt like it, works just as fine ;)
Evening Dan,
Are your exhaust tips simply tips alone or do you have an exhaust mod? Haven't had a chance to lift the car yet to check if they're clip-ons, but would love to change the chrome to a black/carbon

Just curious, have you got Eibach springs on your car, if so how do you find the speed bumps in Whiteley? Nothing funnier than seeing people swerve around them and almost cause an accident everyday...:)
Haha I know mate! Yeah eibachs are brilliant, very minimal difference to oe springs, I’m up the top end so I tackle speed bumps every day too and from my house