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Custom number plates .....


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Looks like my smug as all hell plates have a limited life expectancy...

I'd almost put money down on the fact that by the time you get the 224kw GTI model AND a LSD/Mechanical front diff (without it even the 180kw variants struggle to put the power down in high speed track applications) they will be $15-$20k up on the i30N. So once your plates "expire" you can wipe away your tears and the haters with the wads of cash you saved ;)

Besides even for a few thousand dollars I'm sure supporting mods in 2020 will net you the same if not better power figures in the N if numbers are really a big thing for potential buyers. I'll take my cost efficient Korean hot hatch over a GTI any day! I expect similar power figures out of my N with the TMC box so stay tuned for my post updates after the Dyno next Monday (fingers crossed).

Don't ask me the same question about the Golf R... If I had the money and faith in VW I'd be driving one.


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My "Die Lada" plates are available for purchase!

Or maybe, you should upgrade to "DieV8Utes" (+10 years old, with less than 200 kws). That should get you some serious love in Darwin!
You never fail to entertain me, PB :D. Yes indeed, I really would enjoy being pack-bashed by the local Cowboy Hat Brigade before taking a very long 'dirt nap' out rural. Now, how much for the Lada plates?
I have standard issue Victorian slimline plates which are white writing on black background for $170. They look good for the price. Euro style plates would be good too but I can't justify those prices. :rolleyes: