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Crosspost - 2019 Veloster N misfire/fuel issue


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I guess it depends how severe this bucking is. I notice power delivery is less smooth and consistent on a cold start. If i hold the accelerator at a fixed position the cars acceleration will fluctuate slightly. This only happens a very short time when cold and if I give it more gas it will go but might be what you're experiencing.

I just chalked it up to it being cold and have noticed similar behavior in other vehicles. Maybe running in normal mode for the first 5 minutes would lessen this, just due to a smoother throttle response.

If the bucking is more severe then ignore what i said and consider leaving it overnight at the dealer.
That’s a little more severe than what I’m quoting. They act a little sluggish and buck a bit when they’re first warming up. But if you need to get up to speed you can. It just takes a lil longer with a lil more fight than if she was properly warmed up. But it has never caused me to fear for my safety or have to avoid the hammer lane.
Yeah, maybe it’s a different issue. I need to get it looked at. It almost feels like it’s going to give me whiplash sometimes.

Wish I could capture it on camera but it doesn’t occur every time and I obviously don’t want to hold a phone in my hand...
I'm definitely getting the same thing. I get what feels like fuel is being cut off.

It never happens after a cold start from sitting over night. But it almost always happens when I leave for lunch or leave after work and the car is not completely cold.

Any ideas what might cause this?