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COPEC Rally Chile, 2019 – Accident


Staff member
Oct 28, 2018
Darwin, Australia
Holy sh*t! Once they lost it and flipped it looked just like an angry kid threw his Matchbox car down the path. Testament to the safety features of those things that they walked away, engineering brilliance.
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The Lone Wolve

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Nov 4, 2018
cannock, south stafforshire
This is why Hyundai and Neuville can't win the championship. He did not need to push, knowing this rally is all Toyota. Just wait until Toyota breaks, and if it doesn't , stay close and get points. Look at Ogier. He just stays around like a bad smell and pick up points.
This season, being a transitional one for Ogier, Hyundai needs to learn how not to attack Toyota when they are on fire. Just wait until they break or when Tanak and Meeke crashes ( both will happen every now and again) and that is when you can pick up points. There is nowhere in the rules that says you have to win rallies to become champion. At the end of the day its the numbers that count at the last stage of the last rally of the season. Highest points means champion, not the one that had won the most rallies.