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color matching lower rear bumper + sideskirts


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There’s a Korean guy on Instagram that color matched the black and as mentioned above it doesn’t look right. Maybe it’s because we’ve all been gawking at our Ns for too long and the black is implanted in our brains. And such a major change throws our heads off or because hyundai was onto something adding the gloss black to break up the body/bumper lines. Personally I had the same thought in color matching mine but then when I saw pics of it I completely did a 180 lol. If I can find the pic I’ll post it for you. But it’s from months and months ago.
The white doesn't look too bad for some reason, but in blue and red it would look really strange - almost as though the sides and rear of the car are too tall. The color matched lower body cladding looks terrible (again, my opinion). Fortunately for all of us stock still looks best!