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[Closed] Intercooler and tuning box fof sale

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Hi I've screwed my knew and have som bits for sale.
CPA Connective system-under bonnet tuning box and pedal box, power adjustable inside car.
Plus Wagner intercooler-still in box, both items never been used.
Would like $2000 for them, less than half what I paid
Ferntree Gully area Melbourne.
Thanks- hope I'm allowed to do ths
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Hi. May post has been moved. Posted in Australian forum. The fact you have a Veloster makes me think your probably in USA. If thats the case probably cheaper buy from Wagner.

R Veloster N

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You might consider listing the items with the individual prices. Also, let buyers know if the tuner is for a Performance (275PS) or base model (250PS). Might save you some time and effort in the long run. You can edit your fist post quite easily.:)
Didn't list individually because was hoping to sell both together.
Didn't list engine power because in Australia we only get 275 PS.
Listed it in Australian forum for just that reason, some idiot moved it to here.
Ok. When I bought it they were not on sale here, paid Euro's and shipping and duty and gst. Should have waited. I'll just chuck this stuff in the Tip.
Good bye N-cars.
Let me know which tip and I'll come get it hahaha. On a serious note good luck with the sale. Surely someone will take it.
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