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Cleaning - a beginners guide?

Hello. I've always relied on the local hand car wash places to clean my previous cars. I'd like to take car of my new Fastback N (MG) a little better! Obviously I can jetwash etc. but I get lost in talk of foams and shampoos and waxes etc. Can anyone give me a basic howto or point me in the direction on the net? Cheers!


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I used to following video to get a bit of basic knowledge:

However I do not use any of the products mentioned in that video, its more just to explain the steps and the things to look out for. Also remember the above video shows a one-time wash to completely clean the car. A maintenance wash has fewer steps and may use different products.
I have a few youtubers who serve the car cleaning topic, but those are in german, so I guess they won't help much ;)
On the products side everyone has its own favorite product (mine are the ones from KochChemie).
There are lots of useful videos as Bu11et suggested explaning the basics and going more into detail. I started watching 'The Car Cleaning Guru' and 'Pan the Organizer' after wanting to take more pride in looking after my i30N like yourself.

If you're UK based a good site for products is slimsdetailing.co.uk although you can get plenty of stuff from Amazon. I'll warn you though, it can become quite an addicting! If you have any questions feel free to message me and I'll do my best to help :)