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Ceramic coating i30 n performance


Aug 12, 2020
Hi has anyone done any paint protection on there i 30 n performance. I have got a i30 n performance in micron grey looks mint 👌. I'm thinking of doing the ceramic coating getting it done by a professional detailer near me he's quoting me 300 quid for it all paint work and wheels also. Is it worth it as I'm a bit worried about my paint work as also at the moment I got a little bit of scuffs marks on my back wing so I'm thinking I better protect my whole car paint work. Would like your thoughts on what you guys think thanks


Dec 26, 2020
Mine is ceramic coated by a professional detailer, and I definitely don't regret it. 300 quid sounds a bit cheap to me though, as the car should definitely be properly polished before applying ceramic coating, but I'm from Norway, and things are expensive here, so what do I know...

Ceramic coating is however not really going to protect against scuffs though. You need PPF or something if you want to do that.

However it does protect your paint from contaminants, swirls, UV, makes it way easier to clean etc.
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Nov 23, 2020
I dunno how much PPF and ceramics cost over there in the UK, but I spent nearly $4k AUD for a full front end PPF, ceramic coat, and tinting all windows. Most of that money is in PPF and ceramic time spent (as opposed to materials). I posted about it here.

The price you were quoted? That seems way too cheap to me.
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Nov 2, 2018
I agree on the price...if it's too cheap it might not be ceramics that is put on the car...try to contact more detailers and ask about. As for mechanic scuffs Paint Protection Film or PPF short is what you need, i put it on the hood, front bumper, lights and mirrors. Then I got it ceramic coated with Feynlab Ceramic Plus and the PPF was coated with a PPF coating. I also coated the rims, brake calipers, all the plastics and windows. Everything together was about 1.5k€ or so? With mostly 2 stage polish and someplaces 3 stage since it was so bad from the factory already.


Dec 16, 2020
Like everyone else said, the quote you got sounds too low to be the job you might want/have in mind.

At such cost, he will probably wash it , polish and then pass it with some "nano-ceramic" spray. This is not the ceramic coating you have in mind. If he does uses an actual liquid coating you should check that he's using a reputable brand.
And while this might sounds bad, it's the least of your concerns. The main cost in such jobs is the preparation of the car. The detailer is supposed to do a very good washing/cleaning, then decontaminate the paint and do correction before applying any coating. Such jobs cost anything from 1k to 3k depending the paint condition, the detailer and the materials he's using.

I wouldn't go for a ceramic coating with blemishes on the paint - every imperfection will be amplified and while your car will look shiny at a first glance, to our disappointment will also show a lot of more "issues".

Last but not least, the ceramic coating doesn't protect much from scratches . Well, it does but from minor ones.
It won’t' protect from something rubbing against your car nor a stone chip. It can be actually scratched if your car is covered in dust and you rub your hand against it.

Btw - I would recommend to use the search option of the forum. There many post around most of the topics you are raising.
Once you read the existing topics, you will be able to post more specific questions and therefore get more educated replies.