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This car really just continues to turn heads doesn’t it?!:cool:

I had parked in the car park outside one of the local shops yesterday and was waiting on my wife when a car that was leaving and driving by, stopped and signalled for me to open the door.

The guy was maybe in his 30’s, young professional type in a nice 4x4. He said ‘I love your car, stunning’ (along those lines) and I was a little embarrassed (but chuffed of course)!.

I have it on dash cam and it’s honestly, just one of the many, many examples of compliments we get frequently.

My wife actually said the other day that she doesn’t know where to look sometimes when another car pulls up beside her, and she knows the occupants are staring at the car!

Quite cool all the same isn’t it....
Got accosted by an older gentleman in a car park the other week (no, not in "that way" you filthy animals :D).

Wanted to know all about the car and if I was enjoying it. Apparently he'd owned Hyundai's for years and knew all about the N and said what a great noise it made.
One of the guys that works at the loading dock at work tells me a vehicle pulled in our lot and hopped out just to take a few pics around the car then drove off.

Hopefully just a random occurence and not someone I inadvertently disturbed.