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Center Caps & Wheel Stickers


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Not sure if this has been brought up before but I was looking at the N on the wheels while I was cleaning it today and it’s not very noticeable, a bit like the N on the side skirts (which some people have fitted a sticker into)
I was wondering if a sticker would look good on the wheels too or would it be too much?


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I see your point Stash-N, I also bought the micron grey to try to achieve a more stealthy look ( not easy with an exhaust that sounds like a fire work display) with wheel stickers I would probably get all the wrong kind of attention, if you know what I mean.
I said understated not invisible - love those fireworks! Even if I only hear them on YouTube until my car arrives. :confused:

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Yes, too much for me. One of the reasons I like the i30 N is the understatement. My opinion only. Certainly would not trash a fellow i30 N owner for having some. You like them, you have them.:cool:
I'm of the same opinion.... Some extras.... Black Hyundai badges... Side skirt motives work well and enhance the appearance of the car especially the Micron grey... But each to there own.
Hi guys

Would someone be able to give me the size of the centre caps please? as I’m getting some gel overlays made and possibly gel overlays for the side skirts.

I don’t have my car until a few weeks time so just getting things ready

Thanks in advance
Hi guys !
I'm looking for buy the 4 carbon caps with N logo to put to my Motec Ultralight sets on my I30N.
I cannot find it ! Any ideas where i can buy it ? Any sites sells that.
Thank you in advance image.jpeg


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I can't help you with genuine caps. The caps would probably come in all different sizes, so the OZ Racing caps for the Hyundai factory light weight wheels may not fit the Motec wheels.

But if you want some stickers to go over the Motec caps, I had some black and PB stickers made, and I am going to get some CF stickers made up soon:



Any preferences for style? Or Size?

I got 56mm stickers made to suit the STI hubcaps on the BBS wheels, the SSR caps are a little smaller, so I trimmed the black stickers to fit.

But they can be made in any size.

OBVIOUSLY, stickers are NOT real CF, but a good cheap alternative until you find (or someone makes) the real thing....

Some possible options.... ( I prefer the darker ones....)

Carbon 1 copy.jpg
Carbon 2 copy.jpg

Possibly the closest one:
Carbon 3 copy.jpg
Carbon 4.jpg
Carbon 5 copy.jpg
Carbon 6 copy.jpg
Carbon 7 copy.jpg

CF centre caps fake.jpg
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