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i30 N Carwow drag race w/ 325 bhp i30


Sep 3, 2020
I'm guessing they sit around the office at carwow and just dragrace anything that drives past their office without any kind of research 'coz I'm pretty sure I heard Matt saying only the Mini had Launch Control, whereas the truth is that his car (the civic) was the only one without it.

Matt: Hey, driver Nº2, how are the taps going?

DriverNº2: Sales are ok, the youtube tap is going a little dry though

DriverNº3: My mate's just plugged a box into his i30, reckon we should drag it again to see if it wins something without using the steering wheel?

Matt: Excellent idea!! Driver Nº4 do you want to have a go launching the i30?

Driver Nº4: dfg4g&/ vvvgds(&-

Matt: PERFECT! Coome on den lesava raiiss
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