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Car detailing new Kona N


New Member
May 27, 2018
Limburg ( Belgium )
Hi, I recently sold my i30N. I was very happy with the car, so I will remain an N driver, but this time with the new Kona :)
Delivery would unexpectedly take place in November.

Color : Sonic Blue. With Sunroof.

Because it is not a panoramic roof, a smaller black surface will be visible, which contrasts with the Sonic Blue color.
I'm thinking about getting the roof wrapped in glossy black. Think that looks aesthetically better.

I also want to remove the Kona and Hyundai text at the back ( left and right ) with only the Hyundai logo and N logo remaining.

I would like to change something else, to give the car a more personal character, but it's a difficult one,
wtithout ever having seen the car in real life :D

Maybe you guys have some tips ?

I will share photos and info, as soon as I recieve the car.

Thanks in advance !!

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