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Calling i30n owners with factory air intake system.


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Because my friends i30n burned down last night and he told me that he had 50m long fuel „tail” behind his car, I started to inspect my car fuel lines and HPFP connectors today.
His car had 40 000km mileage, mine has 10 000km.
I am now very much scared because I discover something what might cause similar things in future for another high mileage i30N owners.
2F54FB39-791D-4693-8E76-A61667A19DFF.jpeg 37E02388-F2EC-43D9-9E80-A16607226CE3.jpeg 9FD527F3-A00C-4C79-80F2-83FA604A5A69.jpeg
That part of fuel line is made from hard (plastic feeling) rubber and it is touching air intake hard pipe. Intake hard pipe is in constant move during a rides and as it is visible from my photo, there are serious signs on fuel line already.
Before I will start to write report to Hyundai (in my oppinion they must arrange urgent recall for all i30n-s), I am asking help from another i30N owners with factory air intake system.
Can you please check same fuel line on your car and report here if there are marks visible on your line too.

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First : holy sh*t. That sounds really bad. Hope that can be proven so he'll get a new one.

Seems to be "okay" for me. Maybe the glued rubber thing which should damp the vibration and protect the fuel line wasn't well placed?

Ignore the spare key. Wrong clothes, so I've used the spare key.

BTW, thank you for the report.
Are you guys in Poland getting your car from the cz manufacturer aswell? :D
I'm going to live in fear now once my FB arrives.

Please at least tell me this happened driving the car beyond its limit chiptuned or something.
Still something to look at, even when installing an aftermarket Intake. thanks @TamoT & @Nomad17

Quick Fix; Find a rubber grommet that will fit the diameter of the fuel pipe and slide it up or cut it so you can fit it around the fuel tube where it comes in contact with the Intake tube. If you cut it where you slip it around use superglue to re-attach the ends.

This will keep the fuel line suspend from touching the intake tube and keep it from rubbing.
I've done 43000 km and just checked mine. It is even worse than on the pictures at the beginning of this topic. There are clearly some shaving marks on the fuelline and the insulationrubber is totally useless as it's far to loose and slides up and down. There is evidence of some kind of glue on the line to, so it looks as if the insulation was glued to stay in place, but overtime the glue loosened. Will definitly mention this as I take the car in for service at 45000 km.


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Jesus christ. Looks like this is brewing up to be quite a problem. Gonna check on my car today.

Also don't forget to post pictures of that, maybe if we document everything we can get hyundai to do a recall or replacement.
i30n hard pipe does not have that indentation.
I am not sure about that. Maybe they changed it during the model year change? Have to look at mine since I have aftermarket airpipe installed. But I don't have the scratches.

Maybe it's also that you have switched your airpipe a few times and comes through installation?