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Brakes Brake Upgrade Discussion (Discs / Pads / ... )

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Hi Guys !

One question that is very important to me , does anyone know about bigger brake kit for the i30n ? I come from a 308 GTi 270 , and the front original brakes are bigger than other hot hatch ( 380 mm Alcon Motorsport ) with a monoblock calipers.
So i would like to change even when is possibile the front brakes at the car, ( maybe Alcon , Brembo , Ap Racing ecc.. ) , not only for the braking security but also for the imagine of the car with a bigger brake disc drilled and bigger ( maybe red ) calipers.

I try to look on internet if some German or UK tuner realize the kit but i have no results.

Someome here can help me ?

Thank you !
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I think there was talk for Hyundai to release a big brake kit at some point, and no doubt another company will too. Although thee stock brakes in the N are amazing and have very little fade on track.


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I might try some vented rotors and some racing pads, but I think that the stopping power with the standard calipers is very good, so I probably would change those.
Very well done !
I'm not a really fan of TAR-OX even if it's Italian , but i already sent one e-mail for learn more about that kit.
is there an actual reason or just a want? Just curious thats one of the things Hyundai has boasted about hard core (for the performance model) that the brakes are un killable


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I don’t have any need or desire for bigger brakes personally. Was just curious about the sizes.

The brakes seem to be perfect to me.
i recall seeing it someplace i have a document at home with all the differences maybe that'll outline it :) Im just kinda curious if they are able to be mercilessly beat as they imply lol