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Body & Paint Protection

I used gtecnic crystal serum light and 2 coats of exov3 to protect my car, easy to apply and still working well after 7 months. You need to prepare the car properly to have the best chance of long term success. Wash, decontaminate, clay, correction polish if needed and panel wipe prior to application but well worth the effort. You really need somewhere undercover if possible.
Just wanted to offer thanks for pointing me to the thread by @Bigbruiseral and for the suggestion about Gtecnic products - I’ve done a lot of reading today and believe you’ve helped me find the answers I wanted. Ta muchly.

Update: Managed to find a detailing product supplier - cleanyourcar.co.uk - that delivers to Fuerteventura for a sensible fee.

Products en route are: Bilt Hamber Autofoam, Bilt Hamber Surfex HD, Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel, FinishKare 1000P, FinishKare #425, Stoner Invisible Glass with Rain Repellent, Dr Leather Advanced Leather Cleaner, SONAX clear view 1:100 window washer concentrate.
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Has anyone tried Nanolex Si3d HD? Additionally I was talked into applying the Si3d Base coat as a primer, with the benefit of a stronger base and increase of 25% duration and characteristics of the top coat.
Total cost around 700 euro to be done by a professional with a 4year warranty.

Anyone has experience or opinion on the above?
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Has anyone seen or had a paint protection film fitted to their I30n yet as i would like to get it as the front end seems to be a magnet for stone chips looking at others
Hi Kev,
I took my Fastback to a local dealer who covered the whole car with such a self-healing protection film. Wasn't cheap but now the whole car should be protected :)

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Either works for me!:p
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In all seriousness, I paid nearly $1400 to have PPF on the VN. Mind you I got a lot done to include; 20" inches up the hood, Full Front, A-Pillars and top over the windshield, 14" up the sides and fenders, and the ground effects as well. It will help keep the VN in excellent condition and give back a higher resale value come that time.

Honestly, Ceramic Coatings won't protect your car from rock or debris damage like self-healing PPF.
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Just arrived at this thread and found a lot of discussion around ceramic coating so thought I'd chip in a little.
I haven't had the I30N coated because I don't love her as much as the Celica GT4. The GT4 is a restoration/investment. :eek:
Got the Celica done three weeks ago following a full glass-out re-spray. I took it to Ceramic Pro North Wales for the "Gold" package. The car had to be with them for five days. Full paint correction, two machine polishes then five coats of Ceramic on whole body, glass and wheels. This guy knows what he's doing as he had a queue of McLarens, BMWs etc on his list.
Celica looks very, very shiny and still does two weeks later without any cleaning yet. Was told not to clean her for a full week in order for the ceramic to fully cure. Bird shit just had to be flushed off and leave anything else. Right now she's sat outside the house with all vertical surfaces looking like brand new but horizontal surfaces a bit dusty because the local MDF factory blasts out very fine wood fibres that coat everything within a two mile radius!
Coating comes with a lifetime warranty so long as you get a 12 month checkup done for £90.
Cost of gold package for the Celica was £1100 but treatment starts at £995 and I reckon that's what the I30N would cost as it's smaller.

If you look at Ceramic Pro North Wales facebook page you can see photos and walk-around videos of his work. Even the Celica is on there with photos and video :cool: