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BMW 330e


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Jun 6, 2019
Okay, so not the usual hot hatch but thought I'd give a quick review of my 330e, never done this before so commentary wise I'll probably be more John Barnes than John Motson :oops:

Car is the BMW 330e M Sport in Dravit grey with M Sport Plus & Tech Package
Price: £lots, about £45k i guess, but the wife gets me a new one for free every 6 months so who cares :)


Performance : Fast enough to ruin most cars, timed mine the other day 0-62mph in 5.3 seconds, showed the wife, she was wetter than an otters pocket and did not threaten to divorce me.

Economy : Will do 72mpg, which is amazing, but only if electricity was free, in reality it's only 20% cheaper to run than my 320d.

The interior : Lovely, like sitting in a nice padded cell that smells nice, has interior led's that my children like to argue about who chooses the colour of, continuously...it's like being at a school disco, not in a Jimmy Saville way though...

The Tech pack has a HUD which makes me feel like Maverick, and lots of touch screens, I guess like most other cars these days


The electric only range is about 24 miles, which gets me half way home from work! I guess if you're 70 and only travel to the CO-OP everyday or get your perm done it's fine?

You lose the lower part of the boot for the batteries, so more trips to the CO-OP needed

'Hey BMW' why would I want to wave my hands in front of the screen to turn the volume up? I look like I'm having a spaz attack and it only works half the time

Oh, unless you get the comfort pack then you don't get electric seats, in a £45k car :mad:

Conclusion :

If you drive it like you stole it (full xtraboooost, sport everything) then the fuel economy is awful, I guess you might as well buy a 330i which is almost as fast.

If you drive it like a sensible car thief (in Hybrid or Electric only) then it's boring and a bit laggy when you put your foot down, so you might as well buy a 320d which is almost as economical.

It's like all the best parts of those cars and all the worst, I don't know if that makes it amazing or rubbish?

I do love it though, almost ran someone over because they couldn't hear it the other day, I guess old people are screwed when we all have electric cars?!

Anyway, my review has a start, middle and end so I guess that's me done

R Veloster N

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Mar 5, 2019
Rocky Mountains, US
Yeah this is the problem with EV's and plug in hybrids. Some think electricity is free and an entitlement, because they bought an EV. Surprise,:eek: it's not!:p You just end up paying a different energy provider.:mad: