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Australian Motor Museum


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I know, but I wont give the game away just yet Stash....

Us oldies have the advantage of remembering things like that.

05 would have looked good on the side of that!


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Torana GTR-X my friend.
Yes, it is a Torana GTR-X. Only three prototypes built and this is the only one left according to the Museum staff. Looks great IMO. You can see lots of bits from the 1970's Torana when you look inside. Steering wheel and gauges bring back memories. The "chromies" are straight off an LJ I think. I saw this car at the Adelaide Car Show many years ago and it was cool to see it again so many years later. Holden own it and it moves around the country from time to time. We just happen to have it in the Motor Museum at the moment. :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: