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Anyone Like Mountain Biking?

R Veloster N

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Mar 5, 2019
Rocky Mountains, US
Well, I've been doing well with the bike. Got in 105.8 miles of riding over the past 7 days. Feels good, a challenge at my age and I'm grateful and thankful fo being able to do so. Elevation changes are nearly 600 + ft, everytime I ride and it makes a big differences in breathing and effort. Feels good! Hands went numb yesterday and had to shake them out.

Did the pump station hill, which is a direct 500+ accent and decent. It's seems a little daunting at first but it seems to come easier every time I do so. I try to challenge myself some days and keep it in the lowest gear. Don't always make it and have to shift.

I sure thank God for being able to do so at my age. I found that speed is not the idea but a slower pace and direct leg strength application, similar to rock climbing.

It's definately the best for my Diabetes Type II. Glucose reading have been well below "85 mg/dl and as low as 71 mg/dl between meals. Morning fasting after 12 hours has been below 95 mg/dl most days. It's a good thing as well. I know some of you have the same ailment and exercise really helps to curtail the insulin resistance.

All the Best and keep on pedaling!!:)
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