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Wheels Alloys on cars with pics thread


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Hi all,

Hoping this isn't already a post but my tyres will be due a change soon so planning on changing wheels with them. Wondering would those of you that have different alloys post some pics of your cars and what brand/type they are and what tyres you are running. I am more curious about aesthetic but feel free to post any extra info spacers etc. Please only post wheels that are actually on car as I am sick of having to ask on every post that I see with cool alloys what they have. Mods if this exists please delete. Also maybe post your colour if it's a CS or PB car cos often hard to tell.


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Thanks!!! exactly what I was looking for, would like to get a thread where I can just scroll through pics for wheel inspiration. At the moment I am looking at some Japan racing options myself. Maybe a anodized bronze or hyper black colour (I like all their styles)


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Sparco Assetto Gara 8J x 18" ET45 with H&R springs and 235/40 R18 Michelin Cup2 tyres:
Same setup with ST XTA coilover suspension:
Autec Wizard 8J x 18" ET50 with H&R springs and 245/40 R18 Fedreal FZ-201 tyres:
oct2.jpg race14.jpg
Fondmetal 9RR 8J x 18" (2 x ET45 + 2 x ET35) with ST XTA coilovers and 245/40 R18 Extreme VR2 tyres:
Hyundai 3.jpg Hyundai 13.jpg Hyundai 8.jpg


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Thanks for the responses so far, all you a**holes have done so far is made me think I now need lowering springs :p which I swore up and down I wouldn't do. Momo revenge and Autecs floating my boat at the minute but great to see the variation they all look great.
whichever style you go for, do consider a seperate insurance policy for wheels. They are so easy to damage, especially going in shopping mall car parks and driving around the poor state of UK roads. I discovered this concept too late and my rims are all well chewed up by now.


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Your trackers look tiny in those big wheel arches - assuming the performance is exemplary? Don't get me wrong; how they roll is all that really matters...
I agree with you, and I have NO idea why they look smaller. I think it is an optical illusion. The tyres on BOTH sets of wheels are exactly the same size, 245/40 R18, and the overall diameter of this wheel and tyre combination is actually 1mm BIGGER than the original OEM wheels and P-0s.

Having said that, the tyres in the pictures are NOT the Kumhos, the pictures are from 12 months ago. They are the old Achilles ATR-K semi-slicks that were on the wheels when I bought them. The V720s are minty fresh, never been on the car as yet.