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'Acoustic cameras' tested in bid to cut noisy vehicles

Apparently the Government are looking at deploying 'acoustic cameras' in order to combat noisy cars/motorbikes:

BBC News Link

Article suggests it's to target 'modified' cars. So how would that apply to our cars as they are 'un-modded' but most definitely classed as noisy?
Suspect it's yet another badly thought out idea by people who have no clue what they are on about....
I suspect it will be years before they get this worked out and deployed, and even then it will be a nightmare to sort the legislation. Let's see how it pans out but I wouldn't worry too much. Don't go full throttle in built up areas and we should be fine anyway
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I wouldn’t be concerned about this.

What about trying to address the mess of the roads first. Dual carriegways and Motorways with huge chunks of road missing, and we want to plough millions of pounds into policing ‘noisy’ vehicles?

Broken Britain.....
Nanny states gonna get ya!;) Why would they do that, it's been a problem since the mid to late 80's.

A-1 wasn't bad then, just the M-1. I don't suppose it's got any better since.

Broken Britain.............sorry!:(