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30mph swerve close to kerb, grinding noise, about 6 high pitched beeps

Thought I'd damaged my car today (after grazing an alloy on a kerb yesterday, which would have been a marvellous two days).

I was going up a hill which narrows at the top so the kerb comes into the road and a coach appeared at the brow of the hill.

I was fairly sure I was past the herb, but heard what I can only describe as a grinding\groaning noise then the car beeped about four or five times.

Drove into work feeling like crap thinking I'd at the very least utterly trashed an alloy (the same one as yesterday) but I've checked and can't see anything obviously amiss.

Any thoughts what this could be? I'm hoping what it was a traction control warning or similar (which would make sense as lanes come off this road so there could have been mud or gravel).
EDIT - could this be emergency braking\collision control?
I've had quite a few warnings like this, usually when I'm on the approach to a roundabout, going left or straight on and the right lane is stationary. It must think that I'm about to pile into the back of the cars queueing on my right.
It was more the grinding\groaning noise. Gawd knows that that was but there's no obvious damage to wheels or body (unless the bottom of the car hit something).

Also, to be fair, I wasn't looking at the dashboard. I was gripping the steering wheel in a grip of death and had eyes like saucers.
EDIT - could this be emergency braking\collision control?
I had the emergency braking control engage once with similar effects as you discribe. The grinding noise I heared was comming from the abs (building up pressure and releasing it very rapidly). I could feel it in the pedal very lightly but I didn't experience any braking though. Must be on the edge of appliyng brakes or not.